OS X Kill Finder or Dock

When you are getting the spinning beachball on Mac OS X System Applications/Tools, like the Finder when trying to connector to a failed network share. Your solution is the always winning Terminal. Start Terminal through menu or spotlight, and try the following commands.

The Finder crashed:

killall -KILL Finder

The Dock crashed:

killall -KILL Dock

Spaces crashed:
killall -KILL Dock

The Menubar crashed/refuses to be clickable:
killall -KILL SystemUIServer

The services should automatically restart after they have been killed. If they dont, you might have to reboot your computer. If this option is not available through menus, get back to Terminal and give the following command:
sudo shutdown -r now – provide your Admin password and your machine should be restarting).

Enable Text Selection in Quick Look / Preview

If you want to select text from files opened with Quick Look and Preview

Open Terminal and paste the following commands

And then

If you want to reverse the changes

And repeat the Finder restart

Fix Cisco IPSec VPN timeout on OSX

There is some kind of bug in the built in Cisco IPSec implementation on OSX since Mountain Lion.

A lot of users experience that the connection drops after everything from 45 to 75 minutes. There is a solution but it demands a bit of “hacking” on your part.

Here are the steps to follow :

1. Connect your Cisco IPSec connection
This will create a file in /var/run/racoon called x.x.x.x.conf, where the x´s represent the IP address you are connecting to.
2. Copy this file to /etc/racoon with :

3. Go to /etc/racoon and open the file for editing
4. The following values need to be edited :
Dead peer detection needs to be set to zero (0)

‘Proposal check’ needs to be changed from ‘obey’ into ‘claim’:

The lifetime value needs to be raised from 3600 seconds to a new value. In my case i set this to 168 hours. (any value you choose will do, but I found this is workable in most cases)You will have to change this in ALL Proposal sections.

5. Save the file
6. Now you need to open racoon.conf for editing
7. Right at the end of the file, change the following value :
Comment out ‘#’ at the very beginning of the last line that starts with ‘include’;
Then type the following line directly under that:

Make sure to use the name of the file you have created

Disconnect from your VPN service and reconnect.
Your connection will now stop dropping out.

VPN Proxy for anonymous torrenting

Ever heard of Privateinternetaccess.com ?
Private Internet Access is an extremely minimalistic personal VPN service that passes all your Web activity through an encrypted tunnel.

There is of course the possibility of using the shipped client, or you can add their service as a proxy in your torrent client.

Here is how (for myTorrent and QBittorrent):

General settings for PrivateInternetAccess

Proxy Type: Socks5
Proxy: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com or*********
Port: 1080

In Qbittorrent, click Tools -> Options -> Connection.


In myTorrent, Click Preferences -> Network


1. Checkmark Authentication
2. Username: PIA Generated ID
3. Password: PIA Generated password
4. Click OK and restart uTorrent
5. Checkbox the choice for hostname lookups and peer discovery

Thats it.. you will now be using the PIA Proxy and do not need to connect your main Internet connection through the VPN service.
Of course you will need to purchase a VPN account from PIA, but for securing and maintaining your anonymity, it is totally worth ti

Host discovery with curl

Yesterday i discovered a cool webpage called ifconfig.me
It displays information about your external IP and other HOST information.

The cool thing is that it is designed for use with curl from the command line.

Your external IP
curl ifconfig.me

Your hostname
curl ifconfig.me/host

Your user agent
curl ifconfig.me/ua

External connection port
curl ifconfig.me/port

Display all your information
curl ifconfig.me/all

Extremely useful for command line geeks like myself :)

Network analysis and penetration testing from Android

Today i came across an awesome tool from dsploit.net
It is an Android tool you can use for analyzing and penetration test your current network.

See the features in image below :

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 12.31.42

Visit dsploit.net

It is written by Simon Margaritelli
He has just been scammed by some douche and lost his Google Adsense account, so you should consider contributing a few $ for his work.

4Chan Imagedownloader

Earlier this year i wrote a small python script for downloading images from 4chan threads.

It is available now from this page

Credits need to be given to David Tucker for helping out :)

Version 1.1
After a comment i added some changes.
See the usage description for information about v1.1

Everything you want to know about your computer

This time i present a fantastic tool for your system information needs.

SIW – System Information Windows will give you a complete and total overview of your MS Windows system.

Here are some content keywords :

  • Display hidden passwords
  • Change MAC – Adress
  • CPU/Memory usage
  • Password Cracker
  • Network usage
  • Rather than mentioning any more, i suggest you visit this site

    gtopala.com – Home of SIW

    Apache2 + userdir + php – Not working

    I just configured a new webserver and wanted to use the UserDir option.
    Enabling UserDir gives you the option of placing webfiles in a public_html folder in your home folder. You can access the webfiles through http://yourserver.com/~UserName/.

    The problem i encountered was that .php files wouldnt show, they where just downloaded.

    Solving the problem was easy, just open php5.conf in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled.

    Edit it to replicate the listings below (uncomment the same lines in your config).

    Now restart Apache2 with : sudo /etc/init.d/./apache2 restart , and you are good to go.

    Remove Vlingo from Samsung Galaxy SII

    “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO??” …. ahhhhhh FUCK OFF !!!

    Sounds familiar??
    The automatic start of the Vlingo Voice App when doubletapping the home button…
    This has been and is, a reason for many people to not buy a new Samsung Galaxy phone.
    There has been a several writings about this issue:
    The Guardian – Remove Vlingo / Uninstall Vlingo

    But yet, there is no offical way of killing this app.
    For a long time the only way og getting rid of it has been to root your phone.
    By doing that, you void your warranty and most of us is not keen on doing that.

    But there is a solution.. Continue reading
    Continue reading

    Run SoftwareUpdate from command line – OSX

    I suddenly found the need for running the SoftwareUpdate application on my Mac via SSH.

    Some time on Google and i found this to be a plain simple task
    Open “terminal” (or if you connect remotely through SSH)

    Command below will show you the triggers

    To download and install updates, run

    That should run your update and install all downloaded packages.