Command Line encrypt & decrypt of files – OpenSSL

Ever had the need to quickly encrypt a file?
We have previously shown you a tool called Cryptor for simple Encryption/Decryption on OSX.

In this post we will show you how to use OpenSSL.

OpenSSL - Command Line usage

With OpenSSL you can perform quick and easy encrypt/decrypt of files from the Command Line.
As long as OpenSSL is installed on your system, you can use the same examples as below on any OS (Windows,Linux,OSX).

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Install Dropbox on Linux Server

Dropbox is probably the best way of sharing files quickly and secure today. The possibility of instant syncing between computers makes it a must have for every geek with several computers active.

But installing it on a X free Linux server, has so far been a bit tricky.

Not anymore – some guys have made an excellent script for installing Dropbox and linking to your account.

Check it out here