VPN Proxy for anonymous torrenting

Ever heard of Privateinternetaccess.com ?
Private Internet Access is an extremely minimalistic personal VPN service that passes all your Web activity through an encrypted tunnel.

There is of course the possibility of using the shipped client, or you can add their service as a proxy in your torrent client.

Here is how (for myTorrent and QBittorrent):

General settings for PrivateInternetAccess

Proxy Type: Socks5
Proxy: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com or*********
Port: 1080

In Qbittorrent, click Tools -> Options -> Connection.


In myTorrent, Click Preferences -> Network


1. Checkmark Authentication
2. Username: PIA Generated ID
3. Password: PIA Generated password
4. Click OK and restart uTorrent
5. Checkbox the choice for hostname lookups and peer discovery

Thats it.. you will now be using the PIA Proxy and do not need to connect your main Internet connection through the VPN service.
Of course you will need to purchase a VPN account from PIA, but for securing and maintaining your anonymity, it is totally worth ti

Host discovery with curl

Yesterday i discovered a cool webpage called ifconfig.me
It displays information about your external IP and other HOST information.

The cool thing is that it is designed for use with curl from the command line.

Your external IP
curl ifconfig.me

Your hostname
curl ifconfig.me/host

Your user agent
curl ifconfig.me/ua

External connection port
curl ifconfig.me/port

Display all your information
curl ifconfig.me/all

Extremely useful for command line geeks like myself :)

CCleaner – Add your custom files or folders for deletion

CrapCleaner is a great tool for removing all sorts of crap, *doh, from your computer.
But many users doesn’t know about all features in this program.
Most users often don’t bother with exploring what is actually available in different software.

Well, in CCleaner you can add any folder you want, for deletion when you run the Cleaner.

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Remove weird 100mb partition in Windows 7

When installing Windows 7 on a fresh and new HDD with no partitions present, the installation process will create a 100mb partition that is marked as system reserved. This partition is available only for:
Windows 7 Ultimate,
Windows 7 Business
Windows 7 Enterprise ed.

The 100 MB system partition is used primarily as BitLocker partition for BitLocker encryption, and the WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment).

Here is a trick to remove that partition, using Windows 7 own tool, diskpartContinue reading

Weird MS Word problem – Home and Delete keys dont work

I suddenly noticed that my Home and Delete keys didnt work in MS Word.
When marking a bunch of text, and pressing delete, i had to confirm by pressing Y (small message poppin up in lower status line).

Well i found the problem and have fixed it. Go to TOOLS -> OPTIONS , and the GENERAL tab.

There you find two boxes labeled :

  • Help for Wordperfect users
  • Navigation help for Wordperfect users.
  • Disable them.(they shall not be crossed)

    And whoops. Your keys will work perfectly.