VPN Proxy for anonymous torrenting

Ever heard of Privateinternetaccess.com ?
Private Internet Access is an extremely minimalistic personal VPN service that passes all your Web activity through an encrypted tunnel.

There is of course the possibility of using the shipped client, or you can add their service as a proxy in your torrent client.

Here is how (for myTorrent and QBittorrent):

General settings for PrivateInternetAccess

Proxy Type: Socks5
Proxy: proxy-nl.privateinternetaccess.com or*********
Port: 1080

In Qbittorrent, click Tools -> Options -> Connection.


In myTorrent, Click Preferences -> Network


1. Checkmark Authentication
2. Username: PIA Generated ID
3. Password: PIA Generated password
4. Click OK and restart uTorrent
5. Checkbox the choice for hostname lookups and peer discovery

Thats it.. you will now be using the PIA Proxy and do not need to connect your main Internet connection through the VPN service.
Of course you will need to purchase a VPN account from PIA, but for securing and maintaining your anonymity, it is totally worth ti

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